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Slime Info

★Unique Slime Textures

Marshmallow Fluff

Soft, light, soft fluffy, poofy, and indlating

Cream Fluff 
Soft, creamy, holdable, sizzlely, fluffy, airy, and inflating.
Fizz Fluff
Sizzlely, fluffy, crunchy, and inflating
Fizz Cream
Creamy, sizzlely, crunchy, and inflating.
Cream Fluff Butter
Soft, creamy, thick, spreadable, airy, holdable, fluffy, stretchy, and inflating. 
Cream Fizz Butter
Very thick, creamy, sizzlely, semi-crunchy, holdable, gets very puffy and airy after inflating.
Soufflé Fluff
Super soft, creamy, fluffy, jiggly, stretchy, pokeable, spreadable, holdable, sizzlely, and inflatable. Before inflation, looks just like a Soufflé cake.